28 June 2017

“A Walk On The Green”

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Family is instrumental to who I am. It saddens me to see how many broken families there are these days. With all the situations and problems that surround modern-day families, I am still blessed to have one close to my heart.
Growing up with two brothers is a precious experience. I am the eldest, Joshua follows me at 3 years younger, and Jordan is 5 years younger as the youngest. Now Joshua, 33, is a teacher and soon to be married, and Jordan helps me with my few businesses back home in Imus. I love how our relationship works, we are more like a barkada than brothers. We bond over sports, video games, and our love for eating out!
We are also blessed with amazing parents. As long-time government employees, my mom and dad were busy in the office as we grew up. My lolo and lola stepped in and took great care of us! And now that we are adults we enjoy a relationship with them not only as our parents, but also as our friends and mentors.
Father’s Day is approaching and my dad loves to play golf! He taught us all the sports we know from Basketball, to Badminton, Swimming and many others. Now it’s golf! We have a rule that as a family, we all play golf during Father’s Day. And to spend a couple of hours with your parents and brothers under a clear sky on the beautiful grass of the green is surely a blessing and a much needed time of rest for me. It is fun to walk around the fairway, play jokes at each other, and even compete as to who is better at golf (dad is the best by the way, and my mom is better than all of us bros). I treasure moments like this because they are rare, and they remind of what is truly important in life.

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