04 September 2017

“Angry Birds 2 is Here!”

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Online mobile games have become the craze these past few years. We all know about what games like Bejeweled, Clash of Clans, Everwing, and Mobile Legends have done to eat up our time and force us to become mobile gamers!


And one game app is making a huge comeback! Make way for Angry Birds 2! The original game took the world by storm. And it has involved game expansions, merchandise, shirts, and many others! But this new game is not just a remodel of the old version, it's brand new!

Unlock new characters and take control of new bird-like ammunition! Go through the quests on the world map to follow the story. Collect feathers to level up your birds and earn more points! The new features add intense hours of gameplay and draws you in for more!

I am an avid user of mobile games. I am often on the road and on the go so my phone is mostly my only source of entertainment. And I get hooked very easily! Look for me on the Angry Bird 2 leaderboards very soon!

But of course, like all things, we have to do it in moderation. It is easy to lose yourself while being immersed in these games. Yes, it is fun to take time off, have a break, and play some games. But remember… Let us use our time wisely!


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