13 July 2017

“Around The NBA”

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It may not be that obvious, but I have always been a basketball fan. My brothers were the first ones who were into the game, buying NBA cards, basketball jerseys, my brother Josh was even a die-hard Grant Hill fanatic. But actually, I am a quiet basketball enthusiasts and love playing the game when I have the time. The recent NBA Playoffs and Finals were very thrilling to watch, and now I can’t wait to see how things look with the latest off-season trades and player transfers!

The NBA is now in a superstar ‘arms-race’. The idea is that you have to create superteams with superstars to compete. We see that in the Cavs and the Warriors. Other teams are now racing to match up with the NBA Finalists and I gather all the news I can about the latest NBA trades!

The first big news is that Chris Paul of the L.A. Clippers joined James Harden in Houston! This is definitely a big move putting these 2 stars together. This will greatly improve The Rockets’ firepower as they seek to challenge the Golden State giant. On a side note, Harden recently received the highest salary option ever in NBA history making $228 million in 4 years!
But the West is not yet done with the arms race. Paul George of the Pacers agreed to become the latest member of OKC! Paul George will join reigning MVP Russell Westbrook as they add more contention to the already top-heavy Western Conference.
Nick Young, a.k.a. ‘Swaggy P’ will try his hand at Golden State while Iguodala and Durant both make sacrificial pay cuts to maintain the core team of the current NBA champions.
The San Antonio Spurs are not to be outdone as they maintain Patty Mills and sign Rudy Gay to help them keep the second place spot in the West and may run for a 6th championship.
The East is also sizzling as the Celtics sign Jazz forward Gordon Hayward in a bid to rout the reigning kings of the East…Lebron’s Cavaliers.
Exciting times are ahead and I can’t wait for more NBA news!

*photos from: http://bleacherreport.com/nba


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