21 June 2017

“Sing Your Own Song”


Singing has been a major part of my life. Since I was a kid, I remember holding a microphone and singing in church, in family gatherings, and at home. To hear songs I love and sing them has been a wonderful blessing. In highschool I was a huge fan of Boys II Men, I was part of this all boys singing group and we would invade classrooms with accapela renditions of our favorite tunes. We would give flowers out on Valentine’s Day and make high school girls swoon!

But being in a professional singing career made me realize that there is more than just singing other people’s songs. The best part of it is being able to sing your own. Songwriting has been a talent that I have been chasing for years now. Working with classic living legends such as Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Mr. Gary Valenciano has shown me that the best songs to sing are the ones you actually wrote. The feelings are more real, and the emotions come from actual experiences. I have utmost respect for them both.

More local OPM songwriters have also brought their own flavor to the Philippine music scene. My friend Yeng Constantino is a songwriting master. Coupled with her heart-wrenching renditions of her songs and her very strong and honest performances, Yeng is a well-loved and multi-awarded singer-songwriter to date. “Hawak Kamay”, “Pag-Ibig” and “Ikaw” are excellent examples of this.

The rapper Quest has also made waves with his original work. Mixing modern positive rap with amazing vocals from guest artists created a signature vibe and sound that is all very Quest. But it’s his most recent work “Walang Hanggan” that has really got me. The sound, the words, it pierces you. And that can only come from original experiences and original work.

The recent hit “Sila” by Sud is also a good example of a new artist bringing in his own brand of songwriting and song style to OPM. He and many others are a good addition to the OPM atmosphere. Kudos to the future of OPM!


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  1. Presvir

    Well, I’ve been your fan since Star in a Million Days. It’s great to read your insights as you mature through music.As a musician, it’s great that you’re exploring singing-songwriting (soon)… Maybe one day you’ll be able to compose and produce your own single! More power to you and God bless you!

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