02 August 2017

“The Future of Music”

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I have been in the music industry for a little more than 10 years now. And after numerous record albums, dozens of shows, and hundreds of hours in recording studios, I have come to accept that there is a new future for music over the horizon…and that is streaming.

For years we in the music industry fought against piracy. First we battled against pirated CDs of our music being peddled in the streets. Then we pushed hard against music being illegally downloaded on sites like Limewire and Napster. But in the advent of official streaming sites like Spotify, we found our safe haven.

Today Spotify has hundreds of thousands of users. And all our music is now officially accessible at any time, at any place, at the click of a button. And with many users using the ‘full’ version of Spotify, their contributions become a big help to ensure that singers, artists, and songwriters, are properly supported in their craft.

I support Spotify and other official streaming sites like it. I believe this is the future of music, and I am riding the wave!


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