11 December 2017

“The Other Country I Can almost call Home”

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There are many things I am thankful for. My career has brought me to many places. I have met hundreds of people. There are joyful experiences in each and every show, concert, and tour I have been on.

I have seen the grand cities of Europe. These classic buildings and the culture there have a beauty of their own. The US is also one of my favorite countries to go to. I have family there and I always have a good time when on tour in the States.

But in all the countries I have been in, there is nothing quite like Indonesia.

It is one of the countries that is mostly responsible for the catch phrase ‘Asia’s Romantic Balladeer’? Yep. Indonesia! I am always thankful for how warm and how well I am received there. I remember i filmed my first international movie there?


For some years now, I make frequent trips to Indonesia. I gladly welcome and enjoy any opportunity to sing for the people of that beautiful place. Every chance to perform in front of the fans and supporters there is a chance worth having!
I even remember one time when I brought my whole family there for the New Year celebration. I had a show and we got to spend the holidays all together in Jakarta! Bandung was our next stop and we enjoyed the many sights there too. Of course we would never miss Bali and it was our last stop!

Just last week I was in Indonesia performing with some of the best singers there. They have become my friends over the years. And singing with them still gives my heart delight.

To the people of Indonesia, to the fans there, to the generous producers, and the loyal Indo CF. Aku cinta kamu!


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